Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-001

Easting: 622265

Northing: 5442056

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: grey sandstone layer, dominant on slope


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-002

Easting: 622287

Northing: 5442090

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: similar to lower outcrop, but MM qtz veins common. pyrite cubes to 1mm observed in veins only, oxidized. Mild chlorite alteration along larger veins



Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-003

Easting: 622292

Northing: 5442107

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: coarser sandstone unit, looks partially recrystallized or silicified? Weathered pyrite more common, as is chlorite. rocks go from green to grey to tan


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-004

Easting: 622305

Northing: 5442114

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: pale grey green coarse sandstone, possibly silicified. some paler pink mm wide bands. outcrop is cut by several 4cm wide milky qtz veins



Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-005

Easting: 622325

Northing: 5442113

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: large outcrop on downslope. similar to higher rocks but less altered. Barite veins up to 5cm wide present.


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-006

Easting: 622345

Northing: 5442157

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: broken outcrop of beige dolostone, with minor stromatolite horizons



Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-007

Easting: 622384

Northing: 5442146

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: conspicuous outcrop of banded green rock, close to anomalies. Weathered pyrite common

Sample: D00030452


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-008

Easting: 622404

Northing: 5442143

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: green rock, with coarse chlorite and pyrite blebs.

Sample: D00030453



Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-009

Easting: 622433

Northing: 5442148

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: dolostone outcrop


Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-010

Easting: 621091

Northing: 5442758

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: shallow dipping grey medium sandstone, banded with lighter and darker layers. py common as is blobs of opaque green ?celadonite. muscovite mica.

Sample: D00030456



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-012

Easting: 621338

Northing: 5443127

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: breccia unit of rounded reddish pebbles in a sandy matrix. whole rock has red tinge. sits within a layer of grey/green chert

Sample: D00030457


Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-013

Easting: 621329

Northing: 5443136

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: chert with voids infilled by calcite. distinct alternating green bands to top of unit. rare cubic black minerals, weathered pyrite

Sample: D00030458



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-014

Easting: 620823

Northing: 5443228

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: quartz vein, very sugary and friable, with 30% celadonite in clusters.

Sample: D00030459


Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-015

Easting: 621084

Northing: 5443201

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: banded cherty siltstone with reddish bands, manganese dendrites, and small black cubic minerals

Sample: D00030460



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-016

Easting: 621089

Northing: 5443203

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: another cherty siltstone with red to brown banding and manganese dendrites. along strike to anomaly

Sample: D00030461


Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-017

Easting: 621098

Northing: 5443193

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: very friable siltstone with cherty horizons. ripple marks on top of exposure. Very red and manganese dendrites.

Sample: D00030462



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-018

Easting: 621141

Northing: 5443134

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: banded tiger stripe siltstone with hematized rims and manganese. close to historical anomaly.

Sample: D00030463


Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-019

Easting: 621157

Northing: 5443116

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: red siltstone with manganese rind

Sample: D00030464



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-020

Easting: 621140

Northing: 5443109

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: banded grey and green siltstone with blood red dissemination of ?cinnabar. taken near historical trend

Sample: D00030465


Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-021

Easting: 621128

Northing: 5443113

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: cherty siltstone with oxidized speckling. on trend with historical anomalies

Sample: D00030468



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: AR21-KOO-023

Easting: 621139

Northing: 5443140

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: banded mudstone, hard, metallic, possible magnetite. white mineral bleary throughout, not sure of ID

Sample: D00030466


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_005

Easting: 622314

Northing: 5442062

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: stromatilitic arenite outcrop



Date Collected: 9th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_006

Easting: 622324

Northing: 5442075

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: sub crop – Quartz-Barite-Siderite vein cross cutting banded arenite at 90 degrees to banding/bedding. sample located downslope of stromatolites.

Sample: D00026803


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_007

Easting: 622348

Northing: 5442058

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: small outcrop of medium-grained arenite with en echelon quartz stringer veins. one distinct vein has dominat dull to metallic black selvage – possibly chalcocite. some green malachite staining visible but not prominent.

Sample: D00026804


Date Collected: 6th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_010

Easting: 622428

Northing: 5442043

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: 2 perpendicular thick (2-4 cm) quartz veins with potential chalcocite selvage and ds pyrite within centerline. hosted by siltstone.

Sample: D00026805


Date Collected: 8th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_016

Easting: 621853

Northing: 5442266

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: Hyaloclastic moderately vesicular basalt within chlorite altered silicic volcanic matrix. stratigraphically above the pillowed and columnar basalt flows. sampled to see continuity of cobalt within upper layer of extrusive volcanics. Rusted out pyrite and very fine silver metallic sulphides within matrix and basalt fragments. Likely depositional environment shallow water marine volcano.

Sample: D00026807



Date Collected: 8th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_017

Easting: 621827

Northing: 5442230

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: jointed, fine-grained light grey basalt with hematitic staining and rusted out pyrite. magnetite stringers and fractures common with hematitic staining concentrated on fractures. sampled due to pyrite and magnetite content, overall high density and relationship with cobalt bearing basalts.



Date Collected: 8th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_018

Easting: 622124

Northing: 5442305

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: Interbedded/laminated orange/tan sandstones with grey and green silty arenites with coarse quartz clasts. Sericite alteration common within plag-rich arenite. Likely same unit as recognized on road with green reduced beds and orange/tan oxidized muds/sands.

Sample: D00026807



Date Collected: 10th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_021

Easting: 603300

Northing: 5459617

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: interbedded mudstones, siltstones and fine-grained sandstones with slump features. overlaid by mudstone dominated beds. possible deeper marine storm beds grading to deeper marine. possible distal bouma turbidite sequences. becoming more distal up sequence


Date Collected: 10th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_022

Easting: 612007

Northing: 5457084

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: banded cherts and cherty siltstones with fine sandstones and thick mud sequences. possible deeper distal to proximal bouma turbidite sequences.



Date Collected: 10th June 2021

Station ID: LC21_KOO_024

Easting: 612072

Northing: 5457128

Datum: NAD83 Zone 11

Description: bedded cherts and siltstone, likely outcrop for station LC21_KOO_023.