Aeonian is an aspirational exploration company whose goal is to make discoveries whilst leading through change. As society demands more accountability in mineral sourcing and we move towards reconciliation with First Nations and Indigenous groups, we recognize that the old exploration model has to change. We are creating a new model of transparent, science-driven, environmentally conscious early stage mineral exploration and hope to inspire change within our own industry and the public eye. 

Our methods will create a project pipeline that have solid footings in ethical resource management for future development and resource supply.

Our Projects

Aeonian is cultivating a portfolio of grass roots projects across British Columbia with a varied mineral inventory. Sites are selected after careful analysis and compilation of historical data, often in areas which are currently overlooked despite open ground and historical mineral wealth. Some projects spring from conceptual ideas – taking the collective knowledge we have about the Province and applying that to areas that exhibit the right geological environments. 

Our Mission

To create viable exploration opportunities and challenge the “status quo” through means that promote stewardship of the land, contribute toward a stable climate, integrate indigenous ideals whilst moving towards the decolonization of mineral development, and build equitable relationships with all stakeholders. We are driven to find the balance between conservation, development, economic opportunity, and demand, and want to inspire other businesses to make the shift.

Our Vision

We will work towards redefining grassroots mineral exploration by shifting the focus of stewardship, inclusivity, and transparency into the earliest of stages of project definition. We will select projects based on their scientific merit, progressive jurisdictions, and ability to mitigate impacts. Our business model will be built off “adaptive planning”, shifting gears to suit the requirements of communities whilst reacting to changing demands. We will seek to learn as much as we teach, and strive to create projects that are sustainable, providing opportunities at every stage.